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Jonna SercombeJonna SercombeFounder

“Leadership is not a job. It’s not a vocation. It’s a calling. Managers get a pay raise, and a special place on an org chart. But leadership happens at all levels. Shop floor to Top Floor. Broom cupboard to boardroom. We’ve worked with thousands of people across tens of countries in hundreds of interactions. We know what works in unlocking leadership potential. And we can make it work in your organisation.”

We can help you:

  1. Create leadership learning experiences.
  2. Implement leadership training and get a big impact from it back in the real world of work.
  3. Advise on leadership potential and create interesting development adventures.
  4. Pinpoint organisational leadership hot spots and help you transform teams.
  5. Support individuals through tailored Leader Coaching.
  6. Devise and execute succession planning and strategy.

Our team have:

  • Led in multinational, blue chip organisations
  • Created highly successful entrepreneurial businesses from scratch
  • Commanded troops in war zones
  • Written groundbreaking academic research
  • Authored books
  • Had extensive broadcast experience on television, radio, and online
  • Led business and sales teams that make a ton of money
  • Been invited to events all over the world for their leadership development expertise

Most importantly; they are genuinely nice people to be around. Each has a unique perspective and story. We don’t always agree. We find tough debate makes us stronger.

We have worked with:


LeaderDev was born of years of working in the field of learning and development. We were asked again and again to come up with and work on leadership programmes. Our team grew together by accident. Connections were made. Conversations had. Relationships forged. There was a frustration that too much training failed. Could we do better? Could we make it stick?

In 2015 we had an epiphany: we could. We just needed creative license from the client. The failing was the format, not the content. True leadership development doesn’t happen in classrooms. It happens in real life. An Olympic athlete told us that, in her world, the fitness is gained in the recovery from training. Wow. Our job was simply to be a catalyst. To be the instigator. That’s what the time together was about. A spark. A change of heart. A realisation. A wave of excitement.

With this insight and a committed client, we began an incredible journey. We’ve already worked with hundreds of leaders. Nearly all have changed their approach, many to a great extent. Some have even changed the direction of their lives.

LeaderDev has proved transformational. We know what it takes to lead in connected, fast-changing, flexible, consumer-culture workplaces.

We want you to be part of it. For your next adventure, get in touch.

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